“The Power of i”

Streamline and “The Power of i”

Streamline is a visionary technology company revolving around people; people’s talents, people’s needs, and people’s passions. “The power of i” is a culture that brings individual’s talents, knowledge, and brilliance to the forefront in a dynamic collective setting. Every individual, whether it’s a Streamline team member, or a valued Streamline customer, will be empowered and able to contribute to the evolution of its solution focused technology.

The “i”

Imagine an innovative independent institution with the intensity and influence to impact multiple industries on international scale. Inspired intelligence and refined infrastructure enables the introduction of cutting edge solutions to a variety of vertical marketplaces. Integrated real-time connectivity leaves a lasting impression of modern technological satisfaction to a new world seeking instant gratification. Investing in customers, internal teams, and evolving technology allows each individual to be an inventor, and Streamline, the machine.